About Us

Who is The Antiques Attic?

The Antiques Attic is a small family run business specialising in everything Antique, Vintage and More! Situated just outside of Shakespeare's Picturesque Stratford-upon-Avon, The Antiques Attic offers products that you can't find in your every day highstreet store. With great antique items for even greater prices, The Antiques Attic is certainly a shop to visit!

Where did we come from? It's all history!

Original Antiques Attic Logo, 2010.

The Antiques Attic was originally found was originally founded by owner Ryan Shore in 2010 as a blog about antiques and other interests, it was there that a passion for antiques formed, traveling around the country to various antique & flea fairs became more than a habit and more like a small obsession, or you could call it an education of sorts. We have come a long way since our roots, on the 24th of January 2015 we opened our very first shop, attracting customers from all over the country to join us in our journey in restoring and collecting amazing pieces of history from every era and we haven't looked back since.